Sky-Em issues covid protocols for fans

(From Chris Johnson, Siuslaw athletic director:

(Sky-Em League spectator expectations are attached.  Please review them.

(In addition to these, at Siuslaw, while student-athletes will be encouraged to use their water bottles to stay hydrated during contests, all outside food, beverages and concessions cannot be consumed in the gymnasiums. Concessions will continue to be available, but all spectator food and beverages must be consumed outside of the gyms in a courtyard or other designated area.

(Tickets for events at Siuslaw must be purchased on-line at:

  * * *

To Sky-Em League spectators, players and coaches,

As we are all aware, the COVID pandemic has increased in cases lately and has heightened the awareness for caution and safety for athletic events across the state of Oregon. The OSAA has stated that "Schools and other organizations should pause extracurricular activities or ensure they follow the same layered mitigation safety protocols practiced during the school day (use of face coverings, screening and diagnostic testing, encourage vaccination, frequent handwashing, etc.)."

The Sky-Em league's number one priority is keeping our kids healthy, in school and playing sports. Our second priority is to continue to allow our students and adults to enjoy watching athletic contests in person. For this to happen, we need your cooperation in following our indoor masking requirements.

The following rules and guidelines will apply to all Sky-Em League contest sites:

  1. All spectators will wear a proper-fitting mask over their mouth and nose. Masks will stay in place for the duration of the competition or event.
  2. Practice social distancing to the extent possible and consider sitting with household groups.
  3. A school, county, or facility may institute more restrictive requirements and a visiting school, and its supporters, must adhere to the more restrictive measures in place from their hosting opponent. For example some schools may not allow any food or drinks in the gymnasium.

When attending Sky-Em League contests expect:

  1. Public address announcements to be made throughout the contest reminding spectators to adhere to masking requirements.
  2. Administrators and supervisors will remind spectators to comply with the masking requirements.
  3. Administrators will delay or cancel contests if spectators fail to adhere to masking requirements.
  4. Spectators who are not compliant will be asked to leave and may be banned from subsequent Sky-Em League competitions.

Our coaches and school staff are excited about the opportunity for our athletes to compete in front of fans and we thank you in advance for following the masking requirements. This provides us with the best opportunity to keep spectators, coaches and athletes healthy. Your cooperation also helps to ensure our athletic contests can continue with spectators in our stands, the way high school sports should be played.

Thank you for understanding as we continue to monitor and adjust to guidelines issued by our government agencies. We will implement and communicate any updated guidelines as needed.

Signed by the league's six principals and six athletic directors