Graduating Vikings score with financial aid

Nearly three dozen graduating seniors at Siuslaw High School have been rewarded for their hard work with nearly a quarter of a million dollars in scholarship assistance.

"Without the support of these organizations, the dreams of local students would be much more difficult to achieve," it was noted Monday in a press release from Siuslaw High School.

"Scholarship night is as much a tribute to our community as it is to the commitment of our students as they strive to achieve their goals and make the world a better place for all in the future."

A total of $244,950 in scholarship money was awarded to 35 graduating seniors.

"Siuslaw High School would like to acknowledge both the student awardees and the generosity of the organizations that make scholarship night the success that it has grown to become over the years," the release stated.

More than $100,000 of the scholarship funds came from three organizations — Rotary of Florence, Soroptimist Club of Florence and the Western Lane Community Foundation.

Scholarship list:

Ada Grange Harley Huff Senior Memorial Scholarship ($500 each)

  • Presenter: Linda Pugh        
  • Recipients: Grace Hammonds, Madison Reynolds, Samantha Scheer

Amy Nicole Memorial Scholarship ($500)    

  • Presenter: Steven Moser on behalf of the Tuttle Family        
  • Recipient: Alyssa Lydick

Arnn Family Chester Allen Arrn Memorial Scholarship     (1x$4,000, 2x$3,000)

  • Presenter: Lisa Readel        
  • Recipients: Josh Smith, Jessalynn Keppol, Riley Jennings

Arnn Family Loraine Arrn Memorial Scholarship  ($2,500 each)

  • Presenter: Lisa Readel        
  • Recipients: Samantha Scheer, Naomi Shoji, Audrey Lowder, Angela Bartlett, Nic Wilkinson

Central Coast Board of Oregon Realtors Scholarship ($1,000 each)

  • Presenter: Jeri Lyn McCullough    
  • Recipients: Grace Hammonds, Alyssa Lydick

C.R.O.W. Scholarship ($250)

  • Presenter: Maree Beers    
  • Recipient: Danielle Henry-Kimball

Daughters of the American Revolution Scholarship ($500)

  • Presenter: Jacquie Beveridge        
  • Recipient: Danielle Goldblatt

Delta Gamma of ESA Scholarships - Andrea Wright and Tami Nivens ($1,000 each)    

  • Presenter: Marsha Klosterman    
  • Recipients: Danielle Henry-Kimball, Robert Mans

Don Lee Davidson Memorial Scholarship ($4,000)

  • Presenter: Jim Grano        
  • Recipient: Josh Smith

Elks Lodge National Foundation Scholarship ($1,000)

  • Presenter: Chris Rowbotham        
  • Recipient: Ella Stidham

Florence Regional Arts Alliance Scholarship ($500 each)

  • Presenter: Kristin Anderson        
  • Recipients: Alyssa Lydick, Seth Morton

Florence Area Community Coalition Scholarship ($500)    

  • Presenter: Suzanne Mann-Heintz        
  • Recipient: Danielle Goldblatt

Future First Citizen Marteen Wick Memorial Scholarship ($2,500)

  • Presenter: John Wick        
  • Recipient: Audrey Lowder

Garden Club of Florence Scholarship ($1,500 each each)

  • Presenter: Carol Jolley    
  • Recipients: Audrey Lowder, Angela Bartlett

Genevieve Bailey Memorial Scholarship ($500)

  • Presenter: Gina Castro Brandt and Steven Moser    
  • Recipient: Angela Bartlett

Glenn C. Butler Memorial Scholarship ($1,000)

  • Presenter: Steve Moser on behalf of Kay Butler    
  • Recipient: Josh Smith

Haley Memorial Scholarship ($500)

  • Presenter: Tara Haley        
  • Recipient: Samantha Scheer

Independent Order of the Odd Fellows Scholarship ($500)

  • Presenter: Erik Green        
  • Recipient: Naomi Shoji    

Jose De La Mora Memorial Scholarship ($2,000 each)

  • Presenter: Neil Wartnik    
  • Recipients: Falon Borgnino, Alyssa Lydick, Hannah Freudenthal

Ladies of Elks Scholarship (1x$6,000, 2x$2,500, 2x$2,000)

  • Presenter: Kathy Price     
  • Recipients: Angela Bartlett, Alyssa Richards, Danielle Goldblatt, Naomi Shoji, Josh Smith

Lions Club of Florence Scholarship ($500 each)

  • Presenter: Jo Groshong and Jan Brandow        
  • Recipients: Angela Bartlett, Hannah Freudnethal

Kiwanis Club of Florence ($5,000 total)

  • Presenter: Bob Sneddon    
  • Beam ($1,000) - Naomi Shoji
  • Brackney ($1,000) - Angela Bartlett
  • Bromley ($1,000) - Danielle Goldblatt
  • Iholts ($1,000) - Audrey Lowder
  • Vestey ($1,000) - Grace Hammonds

Masonic Lodge of Florence #107 Scholarship ($1,000 each)

  • Presenter: Steven Moser on behalf of David Chester        
  • Recipients: Seth Morton, Casey Arvilla

Mike Groshong Wings and Wheels Scholarship ($500)

  • Presenter: Jo Groshong and Jan Brandow        
  • Recipient: Josh Smith

Oregon Coast Anglers Scholarship ($500)    

  • Presenter: Bill Hennig, Skip Rosembalm        
  • Recipient: Zoe Leech

Oregon Pacific Bank (1x$1,000, 1x$2,500)    

  • Presenter: Ron Green        
  • Recipients: Grace Hammonds, Robert Mans

OPB Geraldine Bagely Foundation Scholarship ($20,000; $5,000x4 yrs)

  • Presenter: Ron Green        
  • Recipient: Samantha Scheer

Police Union of Florence Scholarship ($500)

  • Presenter: Stephanie Sansom and Josh Thomas    
  • Recipients: Naomi Shoji, Josh Smith

PTA of Florence Scholarship  ($500)

  • Presenter: Alexandra Selig        
  • Recipients: Grace Hammonds, Naomi Shoji, Kira Tabor, Angela Bartlett

Rhododendron Festival Court Scholarship ($9,000 total)

  • Presenter: Jenna Bartlett and Wendy Krause         
  • Recipients: Madison Reynolds, Marissa Wells, Falon Borgnino, Hope Garcia, Ella Stidham, Aylenne Vazquez, Heaven Job-Lewis, Patrick Rowley, Tim Lowder

Ronnie Catalfamo Memorial Scholarship ($500)

  • Presenter: Tony Phillips    
  • Recipient: Josh Smith

Rotary of Florence Scholarships ($37,500 total)

  • Presenter: Andy Johnson    
  • Founders ($10,000) - Naomi Shoji
  • Auther Coit Past Presidents ($6,000) - Audrey Lowder
  • Presidents ($5,000) - Angela Bartlett
  • Sneddon Family ($2,500) - Robert Mans
  • Community Service ($2,000 each) - Samantha Scheer, Hannah Freudenthal, Madison Reynolds, Grace Hammonds
  • Vocational Tech ($2,000) - Josh Smith, Alyssa Richards
  • Most improved ($2,000) - Kaylynn Cannon

Roy Donaghey Memorial Scholarship ($2,000)

  • Presenter: Steven Moser on behalf of Jayme Card and Carolyn Donaghey        
  • Recipient: Danielle Henry-Kimball

Salmon & Trout Enhancement Scholarship ($500)

  • Presenter: Ron Caputo    
  • Recipient: Zoe Leech

Siuslaw Alumni Association Scholarship ($3,500 each)

  • Presenter: Allyn Wilson    
  • Recipients: Samantha Scheer, Robert Mans, Angela Bartlett

Siuslaw Athletic Booster Club Scholarship ($500)

  • Presenter: Steve Moser    
  • Recipients: Naomi Shoji, Angela Bartlett, Robert Mans, Alyssa Richards, Madison Reynolds

Siuslaw Valley Firefighters Association Scholarship ($1,000)

  • Presenter: Cris Holden    
  • Recipient: Samantha Scheer

Spomer Memorial Scholarship ($1,000)

  • Presenter: Cris Holden    
  • Recipients: Angela Bartlett

Student Body Scholarship ($1000 each)

  • Presenter: Steven Moser    
  • Recipients: Hailee Edgerly, Nic Wilkinson

Soroptimist Club of Florence ($33,000 total)

  • Presenter: Michelle Fraley, Kat Rannow, Carol Bennett    
  • Chigasaki Award ($3,000 each) - Naomi Shoji, Angela Bartlett
  • Eugene/Thora Award ($5,000 each) - Samantha Scheer, Audrey Lowder, Danielle Goldblatt, Grace Hammonds, Hannah Freudenthal
  • Professional Tech Award ($2,000) - Josh Smith

Students For A Better World Scholarship ($500 each)

  • Presenter: Bob Orr        
  • Recipients: Kaylynn Cannon, Seth Morton, Casey Avilla, Doris Pu, Nic Wilkinson, Kira Tabor, Hailee Edgerly, Elizabeth Luevano, Annalee Griffis

Tony's Garage Scholarship ($500)

  • Presenter: Tony Phillips    
  • Recipient: Josh Smith

Vern Passenger Memorial Scholarship ($1,000)

  • Presenter: Cris Holden    
  • Recipient: Audrey Lowder

VFW Meritt Mosbey Memorial Scholarship ($1,000)

  • Presenter: Tom Benedict and Fred Burns    
  • Recipients: Audrey Lowder, Samantha Scheer, Grace Hammond

VFV Post 3232 Scholarship ($1,000)

  • Presenter: Tom Benedict and Fred Burns    
  • Recipient: Alyssa Richards

VFW Voice of Democracy ($1,000)    

  • Presenter: Tom Benedict and Fred Burns    
  • Recipient: Megan Condley

Wayne H. Shields Scholarship ($1,250)

  • Presenter: Russ Pierson    
  • Recipient: Seth Morton                

Western Lane Community Foundation Scholarships

  • Presenter: Jim Grano and Sheldon Meyer    
  • Alan & Virginia Robertson ($1,000) - Grace Hammonds
  • Art & Jean Waldren Koning ($1,000) - Hayley Meier
  • Beachcomber Community Scholarship ($2,000x2, $1,000) - Naomi Shoji, Robert Mans, Kaylynn Cannon
  • Dick & Barbara Whitmore ($500) - Hannah Freudenthal
  • Dr. Brittany Hartzell-Baguley ($10,000, $2,500x 4 yrs) - Audrey Lowder
  • Elmer Waite Memorial ($500) - Falon Borgnino
  • Hal & Lee Hylton ($500) - Makenzie York
  • Jack & Bobbie Saubert ($8,000, $2,000x4 yrs) - Samantha Scheer
  • Joan Orr ($1,000 each) - Danielle Goldblatt, Josh Smith
  • Johnston Family ($500) - Seth Morton
  • John Seaver  ($2,500) - Angela Bartlett
  • Judd Huntington ($1,000) - Danielle Goldblatt
  • Justin Black ($500) - Seth Morton
  • Larry & Florence Englund - most improved ($500) - Hayley Meier
  • Larry & Florence Englund Mechanics ($2,500) - Josh Smith
  • Noel & Mary Dobyns ($500) - Hannah Freudenthal
  • Roger & Sherry McCorkle ($500) - Madison Reynolds
  • Willard Myers ($500) - Josh Smith


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