Booster club is looking to spread the joy

The Siuslaw Athletic Booster Club is taking road trips this school year, and so far, so good.

"Restobar was great," SABC president Steven Moser said. "We will probably try different places around town, just to spread the joy."

The joy is there to be shared by any member of the community supporting Vikings middle school and high school athletics.

"We hopefully will be at Rosa's for October, but I still have to call and verify the space," Moser said.

Rosa's Mexican Restaurant is at 2825 Highway 101.

The meeting is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Monday, Oct. 28.

Minutes from the September monthly meeting:

Written by Anna Moser, SABC secretary
Meeting started at 6:32 p.m. Monday, Sept. 30
Officers Present: Steve Moser, Anna Moser, Jeromy Graybill, Chris Johnson, & Tracy Aaron
Officers Absent: Jon Hornung
Members Present: Valerie Graybill
Others Present: Neil Wartnik, Chris Rowbotham
1. Introductions
2. Minutes: Approve (motion Jeromy & second Tracy)
3. Treasurer's Report: Steve said he wrote the checks to the students for the scholarships and for the hall of fame dinner invoice for Pavilion catering. Those are the only difference from the last meeting.
4. Membership: No officer but we only have less than 20 members. We brainstormed some ideas to entice members (something new from a hat), also someone needs to send out invoices or a membership form to the past members asking them to be a member again. We will also add the membership forms to the football programs.
5. Old Business: A final amount needs to be given to Steve from Tracy for the remaining coach's corner items so they can be ordered. The logo for Viktor will be done by Friday by B & T Creations with the Les Schwab logo. Also, Steve mentioned that the school had yet to claim the $50,000 for the track.
6. New Business:
a. New Proposals:
i. New water bottle filling station over at stadium/track. Hoping to get one at the track/ football stadium. The prices range by quite a bit from $800 to $4000 so Anna & Elijah Blankenship will double check with Reed Lewis before we put this to an official vote and order one to see which one is best. Track & Field might also kick in some money (maybe pay for the filters if needed). Steve said he would try to make this an email vote so we can get started on it asap.
ii. Steve mentioned the SABC paying for a yearbook ad again, $75.
b. Filled/Open Officer Positions:
i. Secretary- Anna, VP- Tracy, Treasurer- Jon, Member at Large Chris Rowbotham (all voted and approved).
ii. Membership & Public Relations still open if anyone knows anyone that could be interested
c. Gym Sign Update-
i. Steve & Chris J will help figure out the best signage to use to cover up the new scoreboards. Anna mentioned that we did get 3 people to pay for 2 years of signs at the auction.
d. Donation proposal form & process update-
i. Add a percentage of parents as members to applications but not much discussion on any more modifications to the request form.
e. SABC moving forward this year-
i. Change of venue? Rosas at 6:30 for next meeting- Steve will call and double check if we can reserve the back room.
ii. Parent involvement- Neil brought up an idea about possible having a coach bring one of their athletes to highlight at a meeting. Tracy said we really need to take as many pictures as we can of items that SABC purchases and make it a big deal with us handing over the items or with a picture of club members in front of the purchased item. Everyone agreed. Chris J said that he would be willing to split apparel, blankets, & beanie hats profits 50/50 if someone would be willing to setup at events. Finally, we had an idea to make it a challenge among the coaches for the year to see how many parents they can get to join. Prize was undecided but a possible gift certificate for the coach and the club would pay up to $2,000 for their coaches corner items?
7. Good of the Order- nothing
8. Adjourn- (motion Anna & second Jeromy) at 7:07 p.m.
Next Meeting at Rosa's at 6:30 on October 28th.


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